Esta pieza fue encontrada en una pequeñisima oquedad de un cuarzo de unas pegmatitas de Bustarviejo, Madrid. Se agradecera reconocimiento de especia.
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Antonio Barahona is a mineral collector from Madrid. It has been thirty years learning, and gathering specimens by all the corners of Spain.
It knows, very well, the mineral deposits in Spain, specially, the region of Murcia.
Also he is an enthusiastic one of the photography.
Recently, it has discovered, some rare minerals species; The Barahonaite (Al), Barahonaite (Fe) and the Cobaltarhturite, from Pastrana, Murcia. His friend, J. Viñals, was the one that studied and catalogued the samples.
He collaborates in minerals publications.
He also has donated various mineral specimens to museums, so we can view the British Museum and see samples of Barahonaite-Al and Barahonaite-Fe from Dolores mine (Pastrana- Murcia-Spain).

Many spanish mineral specimens, ;that these are sold in the market of "Escuela de Ingenieros de Minas, Madrid", have been gathered and selected by him.

Antonio is a big fan of mushroom gathering, and as a keen observer has also discovered a new species of mushroom the Peciza Barahonae

"I have more of 7000 specimes, 700 diferent mineral species a nice selection of fine minerals for exchange, from Spain and the rest of the world"
A. Barahona


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